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At Career to Cradle, we believe that the opportunity in thoughtful maternity is to be able see, hear and acknowledge a female transitioning to motherhood as a whole person, whilst acknowledging her in three completely equal parts - herself and how she feels, her baby and how their well-being affects her, and her career success and the ability to flow between all three parts seamlessly.

Thoughtful Maternity

At Career to Cradle, we are a unique team who:

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Combine commercial acumen with coaching and self-development principles and mother and baby attachment therapeutics.


Present a uniquely combined skillset of an HR professional, Certified Executive Coach and Mum with a Qualified Mother & Baby Therapist, specialising in Prenatal and Early Years Emotional Development and previous marketing consultancy business owner.


Know that what you want is to nurture senior female talent and support her through maternity leave and that what you need is her to be 100% effective from day one of her return to work.


Believe that thoughtful maternity is the most valuable asset to attract, retain and nurture top female talent.


Recognise it needs you BOTH - your maternity leaver and you, the business. For her to have the ultimate thoughtful maternity journey and meanwhile ensuring for you that she is supported and fully re-onboarded when she returns so she can be the confident, focused, exceptional talent that you recruited in the first place.

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