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Nicki Young
Corporate Maternity Consultant & Co Founder

Nicki is an HR Consultant (MCIPD), experienced facilitator, former Culture & Values team leader and Certified Executive Coach, specialising in maternity.

“I passionately believe that every mother can be best at both, when she sees things differently. When she can be her whole self and not simply "a mother" or "a career woman", she, her family and her career will thrive”.

Nicki is also a regularly invited trainer on Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi's Mastery Program, an NHS Covid vaccination programme support volunteer and mum to 5 year old George.


Helene Moore
Corporate Maternity Consultant & Co Founder

Helene is a Prenatal & Early Years Emotional Development Practitioner and Craniosacral Therapist, with a passion for helping mother and child form a healthy, strongly attached relationship from day one!


"I believe that day one begins before birth. The critical first relationship and how we 'come into' it and experience those nine months, is the blueprint for how we perform all our future relationships."

Helene continues her professional interest in the fields of pre and perinatal psychology, epigenetics and embryology and is an advanced trained practitioner with NHS University Trust’s Solihull Approach.

About Us

At Career to Cradle, we are a unique team who:

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Combine commercial acumen with coaching and self-development principles and mother and baby attachment therapeutics.


Present a uniquely combined skillset of an HR professional, Certified Executive Coach and Mum with a Qualified Mother & Baby Therapist, specialising in Prenatal and Early Years Emotional Development and previous marketing consultancy business owner.


Know that what you want is to nurture senior female talent and support her through maternity leave and that what you need is her to be 100% effective from day one of her return to work.


Believe that thoughtful maternity is the most valuable asset to attract, retain and nurture top female talent.


Recognise it needs you BOTH - your maternity leaver and you, the business. For her to have the ultimate thoughtful maternity journey and meanwhile ensuring for you that she is supported and fully re-onboarded when she returns so she can be the confident, focused, exceptional talent that you recruited in the first place.

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Returnity Client

I’m really happy and relieved. I can go back to enjoying what’s left of my mat leave knowing I have a workable plan in place for my return. Thank you so much for your support with this, it made a huge difference to how I approached everything.

Survey Respondent

Lot of conversations were had behind closed doors. Instead of being brought along the journey to the decision I only had interim updates I.e we're still discussing this, and then the final answer given.
Which is a shame as that creates a lack of trust...

Returnity Client

My biggest breakthrough has been realising that I can be in control and figure out how to make it all work... I have challenged my thoughts and limiting beliefs around childcare and realised, it can work.

It's really empowering!

What People Say
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